This has been an amazing summer for me.   I’ve barely left home.  And I have developed what for me is almost like a routine.  Emails in the morning.  Sit outside, eat lunch, and read a little.  Work in the garden.  Work in the studio.  Work in the garden a bit more if there is still light in the sky.  Make a basket or a bracelet.  Cook dinner with lots of wonderful things from the garden.  Watch a movie.  Sleep.

A very simple, magical summer!

Tonight is the opening at ESU.  Finally!

Then on to the Jazz Festival!  Come see this and other drawings there!  And of course, Anita’s fabulous jewelry, Marci’s great photos, Stan’s inspirational music, lots of mandalas, and more…

Back home at the end of September to establish another routine.  Onward!  Upward?  Let’s hope so!


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