Painting is my first creative love and for the past forty five years has fed my soul in a very special way. For me, nothing else comes close to it. That is when I feel the most free – painting, listening to music, dancing all at the same time. Heaven!

For most of my life, I used oil paints, encaustic paint sticks, and mixed media. Due to a change in the studio space available to me, a few years ago I began using acrylic paint, and even more recently watercolor. There is joy and wonder in all of them!

All the work is done over time with many layers working together to create each piece. I layer and re-layer until the final image is ready to emerge. With the most recent watercolor paintings, that process has proven to be especially challenging, and as a result this has been a rich time for exploration and growth. The titles of these pieces are of equal value to the paintings. Each tells a very short story.

Also see the Amulet section for my explorations with small alcohol ink or watercolor paintings in combination with small baskets.

Contact Me

Most of the work is for sale. Please contact me at susanb452@gmail.com for prices, for more information, or to see more of my work.