The Time Has Come

Deep Meadow

It seemed so far away when Jan Selving first asked me to be in a show with her, Andrea Levergood, and Susan Lange.  I felt honored and there was plenty of time to get ready.  Endless time with the show itself in the distant future. And now…

It’s here. The show opens a week from today on Thursday, September 8th at ESU in the Fine Arts Building.

I am filled with an equal amount of anticipation and dread. Revealing the work is revealing myself.  Not always easy.  Not always fun.  But always worthwhile, as I keep telling myself.

So if you can make it, please come to the opening next week.  Try to be kind!


what are the odds?

To get some insight, I’ve been pulling cards from a deck that I made about a year ago.  In the past week, I’ve chosen three cards, and no lie…I’ve gotten the same card all three times.

What are the odds of that happening?

The universe is really trying to tell me something and I am really trying to listen.

I guess that it’s all about the upcoming four-person show that I’m going to be in at East Stroudsburg University in September.  The work is finished and so now comes the most challenging part:  going to the opening.

OK, I get the message!  I will set aside my insecurities about my work and about myself.  I’ll forget all my memories of past openings and how I dread them.  I will trust my instincts about the work and remember the joy I experienced while creating it.

I will go to the opening feeling calm and open.  I’ll look forward to seeing my friends and to meeting new people.  I’ll talk and laugh and drink some wine.  I’ll visualize people liking the work, and I’ll have fun.  I’ll remember picking this card three times, and I’ll think…pretty damn good odds…



I Did It

After many delays and a few false starts, I sat down and made seven garlic baskets in just a few days.  They are sweet and satisfying baskets to make.  Each one uses the exact same material, a lightweight rush often used in caning chairs.  The spokes in each basket are all cut to the same length, as is the one long weaver.  And yet each basket feels unique to me.  Each one develops its own personality as I work on it.  Some end up longer with a more narrow neck.  Some seem to want to be short and squat.  Each one has a mind of its own.  I just weave and listen.  They all bring me pleasure as I sit on the deck to weave, or talk with a friend, or watch a movie on Netflix late at night.

You’ll be able to see the results this Saturday, June 11th at the Cherry Valley Day Festival, held at the Josie Porter Farm from 10 am to 5 pm.garlic baskets All the beautiful items from the members of Mandala Design Works will be shown and Wellspring Holistic Center will be offering mini-treatments.

I love the idea of bringing them to a farm where beautiful, organic garlic is grown.  It seems like such a perfect match.  So when the garlic is ready to harvest this year, you’ll know where to go to fill your basket with the freshest, tastiest garlic around.

The event this Saturday is free!  And there will be music, crafts, educational demos, food and lots of fun.

Mandala Design Works at COTA 2010

Mandala Design Worksartists look forward to being at the Delaware Water Gap Celebration Of The Arts (COTA) again in 2010. Starting on Friday evening, 10th September, this music and arts festival is an area tradition that we really appreciate. It’s awesome to support all of the local and international artists who show up for the weekend.

Anita, Marci, Stan and Susan hope you’ll drop by our booth on Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th, admire our art work and say “hello”.

Visit the COTA web site for details on the festival schedule.