what are the odds?

To get some insight, I’ve been pulling cards from a deck that I made about a year ago.  In the past week, I’ve chosen three cards, and no lie…I’ve gotten the same card all three times.

What are the odds of that happening?

The universe is really trying to tell me something and I am really trying to listen.

I guess that it’s all about the upcoming four-person show that I’m going to be in at East Stroudsburg University in September.  The work is finished and so now comes the most challenging part:  going to the opening.

OK, I get the message!  I will set aside my insecurities about my work and about myself.  I’ll forget all my memories of past openings and how I dread them.  I will trust my instincts about the work and remember the joy I experienced while creating it.

I will go to the opening feeling calm and open.  I’ll look forward to seeing my friends and to meeting new people.  I’ll talk and laugh and drink some wine.  I’ll visualize people liking the work, and I’ll have fun.  I’ll remember picking this card three times, and I’ll think…pretty damn good odds…





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