Summer Mandala (Trust)


I finished the Summer Mandala just a few days ago, and it signals the end of many summer tasks. I am not quite ready for it to be September. I’m never really ready for September, but this year it seems especially difficult. I want the sunny bright colors of the mandala to last longer. I want the flowers to stay around. I want the garden to keep growing.

I do love Summer! And I am working on Trust in so many areas of my life right now. Learning to trust that the strength and sense of flow that summer brings me can last into the Fall, even when it is rainy and gray.

I’ve completed three of the seasons.  One more mandala to go in my version of the four seasons.


3 thoughts on “Summer Mandala (Trust)

  1. I love the Mandalas. I appreciate their authenticity and depth combined with a modernity of design and understanding of colour. Mandalas are deeply spiritual and Carl Jung has written extensively about them: in direct relation to archetypes and the collective unconscious. The four seasons hold great resonance for me in terms of internalised seasons of the mind and the external seasons. Tuning in to nature and becoming aware of the illusion of separation – is a beautiful thing. Mandalas hold a deeply meditative function. You will find my favourite visual images and thoughts @DeltaKite on ‘Twitter’ and at ‘yfrog’ – please explore, if you have time. Deeply impressed by your work and tweets… ❤ always @DeltaKite

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