The Time Has Come

Deep Meadow

It seemed so far away when Jan Selving first asked me to be in a show with her, Andrea Levergood, and Susan Lange.  I felt honored and there was plenty of time to get ready.  Endless time with the show itself in the distant future. And now…

It’s here. The show opens a week from today on Thursday, September 8th at ESU in the Fine Arts Building.

I am filled with an equal amount of anticipation and dread. Revealing the work is revealing myself.  Not always easy.  Not always fun.  But always worthwhile, as I keep telling myself.

So if you can make it, please come to the opening next week.  Try to be kind!


2 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. I’m so excited for you; I love your work, and you’re in such nice company: I’ve been an acquaintance of Jan’s for well over a decade, and I know Susan far better and even longer! Looking forward to the opening!

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