Teaching is such a rewarding experience for me.  I love empowering people with Reiki, so that they can deepen their own healing process and be able to help others as well.  It is wonderful to give people a glimpse into the vast body of shamanic wisdom available and to help them connect more deeply with the natural world.  It is a pleasure to watch students expand their awareness, to create, to grow and to change.  It is fun to think of new ways to use Reiki, and it is inspiring to awaken creative energy by making simple baskets or personal mandalas.


  • Traditional Reiki Classes
  • Special Topic Reiki Classes
  • Introduction to Shamanic Journeying
  • Art-Related Classes (Basketmaking and Mandalas)

See descriptions of them all below!

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to schedule a class. At the moment, I’m teaching on Zoom, but will resume classes in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, and in Stanwood, Washington as soon as possible.  I also would be happy to come to your area if at all feasible.

Contact Me

Cell Phone: 570-236-7139


Reiki I
Beginning Your Journey
$175 (includes Reiki book)

This is a comprehensive introduction to the world of Reiki. You will learn the history of Reiki, how to use it in many situations, how to give Reiki to yourself, and how to give it to others. Knowing how to use Reiki can open you up to a world of new possibilities on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. It is a truly self-empowering experience. And anyone can learn to do Reiki!

Reiki II
Expanding Your Healing Potential

You will learn five new Reiki symbols and how to use them, and a wonderful technique for sending Reiki long distance is also taught. There will be lots of time for questions, for doing Reiki on yourself, and for practicing on others. This class will greatly increase the healing energy available to you, will give you numerous new ways to use Reiki, and will cement your relationship to its gentle yet powerful healing potential.

Reiki III
Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

You will learn three new Reiki symbols and how to use them. You will also learn a new technique for sending Reiki long distance, which utilizes a Reiki crystal healing grid. And the grid is included in the price of the class. There will be lots of time for questions and to review the first two levels of Reiki before moving on. Taking Reiki III is an exciting and powerful step! You will have all the healing potential of a Reiki Master, but you will not be able to teach.

Reiki Master/Teacher
Embracing Your Wisdom and Strength

This is the completion of your Reiki training as you come into your own sense of empowerment and Reiki integrity. You will learn how to give all the Reiki attunements, as well as many tips on how to teach. But you will be encouraged to be creative and to make the teaching process your own. Being a Reiki teacher is an awesome and wonderful responsibility. Once you decide to take this step, we will create the experience that you need and want. It can take as little time as four days, or it can be spread out into a longer time period.

Gendai Reiki I
(Sho-den) Opening the Door

This class combines the spirituality of traditional Japanese Reiki with the practicality of Western Reiki. You will deepen your connection to Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, and learn more about its history. But the emphasis of the class is on meditation techniques and self-cleansing exercises. Two different attunements are given and there is time for hands-on Reiki as well. This is a day to renew your heart and spirit!

Open to anyone who has had any Reiki class from any teacher!

Special Topic Reiki Classes

Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure
Using Reiki in a New Way

The subtle and gentle energy of Jin Shin Jyutsu is a perfect match for Reiki, which is one reason I love them both. This workshop will open dynamic new ways to use Reiki on both yourself and others, and will expand the way you think about touch. You will learn the meaning and location of the Jin Shin pressure points, allowing you to deepen your sense of intent when using Reiki energy. These two healing modalities go together so beautifully!

Open to anyone who has had any Reiki class from any teacher!

Healing Your Heart with Reiki

It seems like a good idea these days to keep finding new ways to keep our hearts open and hopeful. In this half-day class, you will learn a way to link your heart to the Reiki energy flowing through your hands. And you will be able to do this process for other people as well. In the form of guided meditations, you will experience healing on the mental/emotional and spiritual levels. Handouts will be provided. The class will be relaxing and transformative.

Open to anyone who has had Reiki from any teacher!

Creating Joy with Reiki

The idea for this workshop came while I was working on the Joy mandala. As I was going through the process, it came to me that you can use Reiki to explore your feelings about Joy and learn to experience it more fully and more frequently. This will be an experiential workshop with meditations, exercises, and lots of time to do Reiki on yourself and others.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

Open to anyone who has had Reiki from any teacher!

Rediscovering Long Distance Healing

More and more I am convinced that we need to include at least some Long Distance Healing in our daily Reiki practice. Who among us doesn’t have a loved family member or friend in need of some Reiki energy? And what about healing our beautiful planet? Yet too often Reiki students tell me that they hardly ever use long distance Reiki. The technique taught in Reiki II seems too long and has too many steps. Well here is a way to remedy that. You will review the basic technique; but new, easy, and practical ways to send Reiki will also be given. You’ll be encouraged to create your own ways of making it work for you. All of us can use more of that!

Open to anyone who has taken Reiki II from any teacher!

An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Learn to Connect to Other Worlds

You will learn a traditional method of Journeying to help you gain insight and to increase your awareness. You will learn to go to the Lower World where you will discover your Power Animal. Then you will journey to the Upper World where a Teacher waits to help you on your path. You will also connect to the Natural World as a source of wisdom, information, and inspiration. The goal of the class is to give you the ability to Journey on your own.

Art related classes

Beginning Basket Making
$70 includes materials

You will learn some basic basketry techniques and will come home with at least one unique and wonderful handmade basket. But even more than that, the basket becomes a vehicle to explore and enhance your creativity. The illustration represents only a few of the many possibilities of what you can do with fiber rush And who knows, you may even become addicted to the process of weaving. This will be a fun and inspirational day.


Creating Your Personal Mandala
$75 includes materials

You do not have to consider yourself an artist to take this class. Anyone can make a mandala! A mandala is a form, usually circular, used for the purpose of meditation or contemplation. You will discover a theme or an issue that you want to explore, and you will draw a mandala to reflect that theme or those feelings. I will offer guidance and encouragement, but you will figure out your design and your symbols all on your own. You will create a mandala that is not only beautiful but one that has a deep meaning for you.