What to Do?

It’s that time of year again.  The days are getting incredibly long.  The sun is shining with splendid warmth.  The flowers are brilliant and vegetables are rapidly emerging from the ground.  All I want to do is be outside and get my hands into the dirt.  I want to plant and prune and pull weeds, and I want to bask in the results of my labor.  Such concrete and immediate results!  And there is so much to be done!  But there are also baskets to be made, bracelets to create, mandalas to design, and of course, paintings to emerge.  There are craft shows coming up and a group show in Pennsylvania in September.  There are unfinished paintings and new ones ready to start.  And I want to do it all.  I so love it all.  If only, there were more hours or I worked more quickly or I could split myself into two or more people.  If only…but for today… the sun is shining….