I began drawing the mandalas in 2007, and worked on them fairly steadily until 2019.  The first one was Health and the most recent one was Courage.  The next one will emerge when the right topic presents itself to me.  While they require a lot of concentration, creating them brings me peace and calmness.  They make me quite conscious of my breath, and so they fulfill the traditional purpose for mandalas.

They are all based on a single word, either something I need to learn about or to know more about in my life.  The imagery comes directly from exploring my feelings about the particular word.  Except for the circles, they are all drawn completely by hand.  For me, the irregularities of the spacing and the images are what give them life and spirit.

All the Mandalas pictured here are available as high-quality giclee prints on archival paper.  Each measures 12” x 12”. 

The Four Seasons

Other Mandalas

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Most of the work is for sale. Please contact me at for prices, for more information, to see more of my work, or to request a personal mandala.