Reiki and Other Healing Arts

Once I took my first Reiki class in 1989, my life began to change almost immediately, as I began to gravitate more and more toward the healing arts.

Within a few years, I was able to give up my work as an art editor, and devote myself to studying energy and to developing my healing practice, which includes Reiki, energy balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure, and shamanic techniques. I have now studied many types of Reiki, have co-written a Reiki book, and have been teaching Reiki since 1996.

In my private sessions, I am likely to incorporate elements from many modalities.  I believe that everyone has the potential to be healthy on all levels, so with care and compassion, I support my clients as they move toward a state of wholeness and a sense of well-being and inner peace.

It’s humbling and wonderful to work with people one-on-one, but what I love most of all is teaching!  It gives me such pleasure to empower people, to watch them literally taking the process of healing into their own hands through the practice of Reiki.  After all, it was taking my first Reiki class that started me on this incredible healing journey.

As always, my work as a visual artist, improvisational dancer, and writer connects and intertwines with my work in the healing arts.  Each one influences the other, and I attempt to bring spirituality, innovative energy, and a sense of play to all the areas in my life.

In 2004, I moved from the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to the San Juan Islands in Washington State.  And in the Summer of 2017, I moved to Camano Island, also in Washington State.  Yet as much as I love my life in the Northwest, my roots in the Pocono Mountains still run very deep, and I keep a small space there so that I can return to reconnect with friends and to do the work I love.

Read on for information about the Reiki book which I co-wrote. And look at the section on Classes to see the types of Reiki that I teach and to find other special topics as well.

The Gift of Reiki

by Susan Bradford, Claudia Fischer, Catherine Roche

The Gift of Reiki is an introduction to the world of Reiki and to its enormous healing potential, but the material in the book would also be useful for anyone who has already studied Reiki. The book is a comprehensive guide which covers all facets of Reiki as a system for healing, including a well-documented history of this healing art.  It explains in detail how to use Reiki effectively on yourself and on others, and presents many different practical applications for it.  Because the book embraces all schools of Reiki, it makes an excellent text for teaching beginning level Reiki classes.

It can certainly be difficult to create balance and harmony in your lives, yet the practice of Reiki can help so much toward promoting feelings of calm and ease. This gentle form of healing can be remarkably powerful in reducing stress, so that the body will be more likely to return to its natural state of health and well-being. The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy, and by using it on yourself or others, your connection to this energy is strengthened. This can be both profound and transformative.

With Reiki, it is possible to become increasingly balanced on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. New levels of personal understanding can be gained and you are supported in becoming more self-aware and empowered, more centered, healthier, and much more peaceful.

The Gift of Reiki is a testament to collaboration and friendship among three Reiki teachers.

A few comments about our book…

“This book is an easy read with a clear explanation of Reiki practices. I’ve met Susan Bradford by taking her Reiki classes. She is a sweet, endearing soul.  The testimonials in the book are enlightening. I’m so happy to know Susan and have her guidance on my spiritual path.”


“I love the straight forward approach that you used, the user friendly way it is put together.  It is all one needs to proceed with self treatment or client treatment.  A very successful, well thought out book.  I have read it from front to back, every word, and it is so helpful when learning to do Reiki.”


“This book offers the gift of Reiki to all. It is a solid teaching tool for Reiki classes as well as a how-to for self healing. Included are testimonials offering new insights and ideas gleaned from the actual experiences of those using Reiki both on self and others. The book incorporates spiritual wisdom from many traditions in support of the healing process. The layout, combining illustrations and text, makes the techniques easy to visualize. Less is more yet it is all there and works in harmony presenting history, technique, and healing in one easy-to-use source. I sometimes just open the book and reread the wisdom notes for inspiration. It is gentle; it is spirit.”



You will discover:

• The potential of Reiki as a path of self-development
• New insights into the Five Reiki Principles
• How to adapt a Reiki treatment for various situations
• The benefits of both receiving and giving Reiki
• How Reiki works in conjunction with other healing modalities
• The individual insights of three Reiki teachers

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