Being a Tourist






On Memorial Day, I met my cousins in Seattle.  In seven years, I’d only been to Pike’s Market once.  Now I’ve been there twice.  Had drinks for the first time at a well-known Seattle Irish pub called Kell’s.  Rode the Monorail.  First time.  And from there went to the top of the Space Needle.  All fun to do.  Being a tourist wasn’t so bad.  From the Space Needle, I could see the Olympic Mountains and it was comforting to know that my home lay beyond them to the North.

I took a ton of pictures from the top.  What interested me the most was to find a shape or a color that drew my attention from far so above, and then to zero in on it with my camera and to see what happened.  These two photos have not been cropped or edited.  Some of them feel like living mandalas or mandalas in the making.   We’ll see.