Baskets have always seemed magical to me.  Fortunately, about 15 years ago, I was able to start taking classes and that magical, mysterious world opened up for me. I love knowing how much more there is to learn, and I just love the feel of a basket emerging within my hands.

Basket Categories:

1. Not-So-Crazy Lady Seagrass Baskets

These funky playful baskets have been my mainstay for many years.  They are loosely based on a traditional basket from the Chehalis tribe in the Pacific Northwest, and were called Crazy Lady Baskets because the frayed seagrass was like wild hair.  In addition to using seagrass, I like to incorporate waxed linen, yarn, and other materials. The sizes vary from very small to quite large, and the variations are endless.  They are so satisfying to create, and actually make me feel grounded and close to the earth.  That’s why I have changed their name to Not-So-Crazy Lady Baskets.

2. Waxed Linen Baskets

3. Wire Baskets.

All work is for sale. Please contact me at for prices, for more information, or to see more of my work.

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