orca drawing



Watching myself…

as I procrastinate getting back into the studio after being in Water Gap for two weeks.  Yes, we have wonderful company to distract me.  Yes, it is a very busy time.  Yes, there are many weeds in the garden.  And yes, there is a knowing that I need life and some rest right now to feed what can happen in the studio.  So I watch myself without judgment (or at least try to keep those judgmental feelings to a minimum).

Watching the whales…

though the Orca “killer” whales are really in the dolphin family and have that same special power of communication.  For the first time since we have lived here, motivated by having our friends visiting, we took a whale watch tour.  It was totally magical!  A very special voyage with two Orcas choosing to come as close as thirty feet from the boat.  We also saw two whales breaching (not so common) and felt so honored.  And we saw the 100 year old Granny Whale with her daughter and grandchildren.  Oh my!  Not even one good photo, but no matter.  It is all in my heart and in every cell of my body.  And it has everything in the world to do with making art.

Too much watching?

Inside, outside, upside down.  Start to Be more.  Be the watching.  Take the lesson from the whales.  All the rest is gone!


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