I was just about to use an unfinished coiled basket for today’s entry when I realized that it would have been the third week in a row that I had used an incomplete piece to express an artistic process or feeling about making art.  It was too weird and too much of a pattern about my life.  In the middle of twelve things, having trouble finishing anything.

Now there can be a beauty and a wonder in the incomplete.  Coincidentally, I was reading an article in Art in America this past week and found an amazing quote from a Chinese Tang dynasty historian named Chang Yen-Yuan.  Here is part of that quote: “From the moment one knows that a thing is complete, what need is there to complete it?  For the incomplete does not necessarily mean the unfulfilled.”

So beautifully inscrutable.  So open to interpretation.  So potentially important to the process of painting (more on this some other time).  But so utterly damaging for completing concrete tasks, and such an easy way out for one who loves to procrastinate, and to procrastinate some more.  Until there are those twelve unfinished projects jamming up my life and my creative process as well.

So I stayed up until 2 am last night and finished this ruffled, peyote stitch, beaded bracelet.  Yeah!  It can be done!


2 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. So perfect and comforting! Being surrounded by unfinished work is the story of my life. On occasion, I cannot help but feel like a failure. And other times, I find myself content, or at least tolerant, with the fact that I can only do so much.

    Thanks for this post and great job on your bracelet! You’ll probably have 5 done by the time I finished my first :p

  2. Yes, but you have the excuse of two young children to explain your unfinished work. What’s my excuse? Oh wait…I don’t really need one, do I? It’s just the way it is. Like you say, striving for tolerance and contentment.

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