On 11/11/11, I was at a basket making workshop. We made a basket that had a two-twill base with eleven spokes on each side. There were eleven women in the room, including my wonderful teacher Polly Adams Sutton.

For many, it was a spiritual day, and I felt that I spent it in the perfect spiritual way for me, hanging out with lovely creative women, learning, weaving, talking, laughing, eating and sharing.

A small bubble, a small haven, but so important.  Joined with so many other small and wonderful bubbles that I inhabit from time to time, they form my little world.  And I am very grateful for them all.  The eleven-eleven has come and gone.  I am still here, attempting to choose a bright future for myself and for the planet.

One basket at a time.  One bubble at a time.


2 thoughts on “bubbles

  1. that is a beauty susan!!!
    glad to be one of the small bubbles in your world…coincidence? we worked with small circles of connections (interplay’s name for bubbles) on 11-11 too at tamaqua high school and then monday in the studio too!
    love it when the bubbles intersect even over 3000 miles!

  2. Thanks Anita! And no coincidences here. Just a reminder of how entwined our bubbles have become over the years. Wish I been there to experience the circles of connection with our group on Monday. Love, S

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