Better and better

I like circles because they are such an obvious reflection of how we experience our lives – from moment to moment, day to day, week to week, and then on to months, years, and even lifetimes if that is included in your personal belief system. As I go from one circle to the next, I am becoming increasingly aware that my basic structure doesn’t really change, I just get better and better at functioning within it.

For instance, right now the concept of Communication is really up for me. I am being challenged by how I communicate within my primary relationship, with my friends, and with myself. So to get a little more insight into the situation, I started to look at the Communication mandala that I completed several years ago. I remembered all too well why I put that dark wavy line in the center to represent that black place deep inside myself, the one that stops me from knowing what I really need to say and then saying it. And I was struck that the words I wrote at that time to describe the mandala could have been written yesterday.

“Once I find a new way of communicating with myself, I can then communicate so much more easily with others.”

That is still the way I plod through things today. How I am able to slowly transform that dark, confused core into an open and lighter place. The hope is that I can go through the process a little faster each time and truly transform some of those old, painful patterns into something new, creative, and fresh.



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