It’s all about time and timing


It’s seems so common to talk about speaking truthfully and from the heart.  But these days I’m being reminded that I must first discover what is really true for me before I say it.  When I get it right, the words pour out.  I feel better and the results are so tangible that I can reach out and touch them.  But arriving at that kind of truth can be such a squiggly thing, so elusive and hard to hold on to.  And even harder to say out loud.  No wonder I spend so much time avoiding confrontation.

The other day I finally took some pictures of the Mandala Platters that I’ve been selling for almost a year. And I must admit that I was in a bit of a snit at that moment in time.  When I got to the one depicting Truth, I realized that it was just what I needed to see at that moment.  I was reminded of feelings that I had while I was working on it a couple of years ago, and was able to get more in touch with some of the fears that stop me from being true to myself.  Clarity returned.  I could breathe freely again. After that, it was was easy to find the right words.

How nice to know that these mandalas really work!!   Now to get them up on our website, perhaps a much more challenging proposition than discovering truth.



3 thoughts on “It’s all about time and timing

  1. “I must first discover what is really true for me before I say it.”

    Hmm. I never thought of this, but it resonates with me. For me, also, when it involves others, I wonder whether I should say anything at all when it comes to blogging. Which I’ve been struggling with for too long for too many reasons. I have a problem with being misunderstood and being given advice that doesn’t resonate with me at all. I don’t like confrontation at all. I avoid it which is probably one reason why I get quiet.

    Question: How do you decide on the names for your Mandalas? For this one, why “Truth”? It’s beautiful, by the way.

    Thank you for posting this. Good food for thought.



  2. Thanks so much for your comments, Diana! I enjoyed going to your blog and exploring it a bit.

    About the mandalas. The name comes first, and then I begin to work on each one. It is usually something that I am working through or need help with or more of in my life. I’m so glad that you like Truth!

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