Today was the day…

I had it all planned.  It was a cold and rainy Wednesday.  I was caught up with emails.  I had just finished sending out a mandala that someone had commissioned, and I had gone through the mail.  It was time for some more coffee and then I was going to settle down and whip out four garlic baskets this afternoon.  The material for them has been sitting out for days now, and every day I think that I’ll get to them and I don’t.  Every day is going to be the day

But the plan didn’t quite work out.  At 3 pm, Kaegan and Melody (Dennis’s son and his girlfriend) called to say that they were just about to get on the ferry.  Not that I wasn’t totally thrilled that they were on their way, but we thought that they were going to be staying in Seattle tonight and coming out tomorrow.

So instead of garlic baskets, I made bread, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, did laundry, changed sheets, picked flowers, and cooked dinner.  I also hugged and kissed, got hugged and kissed, talked, listened, laughed, shared and felt wonderfully joyful.

It’s now 2 am.

As for the garlic baskets, maybe tomorrow will be the day….

PS:  Happy Birthday, Anita!


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