Healing for Japan … and for you and me

For the past few days, I have been glued to the news, watching as the situation in Japan continues to unfold and to be even more troubling than we at first thought.  An earthquake/tsunami of this magnitude is a rare thing, but when compounded by the threat of radiation exposure from the nuclear plants, it becomes even more overwhelming.  It’s almost too big to begin to comprehend.

Sales of this picture go to Doctors Without Borders in their aid to Japan
Sales of this picture go to Doctors Without Borders in their aid to Japan - click for details

I’ve been getting calls and emails from various Reiki friends, healers, teachers, and writers about sending light and energy to the people and to the land of Japan.  Many wise and powerful messages are out there. But I still want to add my voice to theirs.

Please send Reiki light and energy to Japan in the coming days and weeks.  Please do not stop when the news media goes on to cover something else.  They will need our love for a very long time.

But also please remember that when something this huge happens on our tiny planet, we are all affected.  When the Earth goes through so much upheaval at once, it touches each and every one of us.  We are feeling it emotionally as our hearts open up to all the people in Japan who are suffering such great losses.  Some of us may be feeling it physically as well.  This may manifest as low energy, exhaustion, nausea, dizziness, etc.  It’s possible to be affected mentally as well.  Some of us may be feeling mental strain or having trouble concentrating.

Yesterday, I sat down to send Reiki and felt a combination of all of the above sweep over me.  I could feel the energy coming in waves across the ocean directly to the West coast.  I had to stop, regroup, and give myself Reiki first before going on.

So this is the message.  If you are feeling especially tired or sad, that is perfectly natural.  Watch your own physical and emotional state in the next few days.  Listen to your body, your mind and your heart.  Keep your own vessel pure and open, and give yourself lots of Reiki.  From that place of strength, know that you can make a difference.  Surround yourself with light.  Feel safe and protected.  And then…send tons of Reiki energy to Japan.

Big things (natural and man-made) are beginning to happen more frequently and with greater intensity.  It is a challenge to watch it and feel it all thoroughly, and not to succumb to pessimism or fear.

There is much healing to be done.  But now…just for today…Japan….

With much love and light, Susan


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